Welcome Announcement

The Association of Registered Speech and Language Pathologists Cyprus is proud to host the 1rst International Composium in Motor Speech Disorders organized in collaboration with the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (IALP) on March 23-25, 2018, in Nicosia, Cyprus. We are expecting the participation of more than 15 countries specialists in the field of motor speech disorders both in adults and in children.

This composium is a great opportunity for Registered Speech Pathology Association of Cyprus to raise its professional presence. Speech Therapy is a fast growing profession in Cyprus with wide application both in the health and the education world. There is an increased need for public awareness of the services pathologists-speech therapists can provide to the society. Additionally it will bring professionals with a broad range of clinical and academic research merits from all around the world (America, Australia, Africa, Europe Middle East) to our small island, raising the international and multinational presence of our island with long-lasting impacts of inspiring our speech therapy population to a better developed clinical and academic practice.

Sissie Philippidou
President of ARSLP Cyprus

All conference attendees will not only participate in the 2.5-day conference events, they will also have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits once registered to IALP and to ARSLP for professional development. The conference will offer 16 continuing education hours.

The conference aims to bring together experts and luminaries speech and language pathologists from transdisciplinary scientific research, as well as from applied fields including academicians, occupational therapists, developmental psychologists, pediatricians, child neurologists, child psychiatrists, physicians, geneticists, special educators, social workers, physiotherapists, etc. Together, we shall all discuss best practices and suggest ideal ways of working with, treating, educating, building for, and sustaining quality services for motor speech disorders excellence. Actions need to follow words if we are to render effective and efficient solutions, thus, allowing all people with communication disorders to enjoy a better quality of life and a brighter future.

Our composium will integrate plenary sessions, workgroups, and poster sessions. Theory will lead to practice and by the end of the composium we hope to have a much better view of the best clinical practice to be offered to all individuals who have motor speech disorder.

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